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First 4 Frozen (F4F) is the largest independent frozen food

          and ice cream distribution group in the UK with a combined
       history of 490 years experience and annual turnover of £180m.

            F4F has the capacity to cater for all sizes of businesses, From national
          highstreet chains through to leisure sites, garden centres and catering/-
         food service groups, and with over 20 local distribution depots throughout
           the UK (see map on page 3) we can reach the majority of our customers
                               with next day delivery from order placement.

          Our range of products is                                       Being supplied by major

          unsurpassed and includes:                                      known brands such as:
          * Impulse Ice Cream                                            * Walls
          * Take home Ice Cream                                          * Nestle
          * Scooping Ice Cream                                           * Mars
          * Pizzas                                                       * Ben & Jerry's
          * Chips & Other Potato                                         * Haagen Dazs
          * Ready Meals                                                  * Ristorante
          * Fish products                                                * Chicago Town
          * Vegetables                                                   * Birds Eye
          * Desserts                                                     * Ross
          * Soft Mix, Flakes, Cones                                      * McCain
          * Sundries                                                     * Aunt Bessie's

          Our customers benefit from:

          *A minimum order of just 5 units thereby enabling them to ensure a continuous
          rotation of stock without the need to have large on site storeage facilities
          *A minimum of twice weekly delivery
          *EDI capability!
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